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 How to Search

There are several paths to search. Worldwide will offers covers from the counties of the world. United States offers covers by stamp issue. U.S. By State offers covers by state county and town. Military offers a path to find covers from both the U.S. and the world from soldiers and sailors. Airmail is a path to find covers carried by all manner of aircraft from all of the world, both flight and commercially flown.

Searching is a bit more complicated. Most people are accustomed to searching on a search engine like Google. There, the more details you put in, the better results you will get. Google invests millions upon millions of dollars on their search technology. Alas, there are not millions and millions of dollars to spend on the search technology here. Less information typed in the search box generally gives better results.

You can use a simple search or an advanced search. There searches are exact text matches. Using the simple, if you type in the letters c-a-t you will find a list of covers that have those exact three letters. You will find a cover that had the word 'cat' in the description. You will also find covers with the words communications, location and catapult as well as many others. The search is useful to find a proper noun like a town name.

The advanced search gives you the ability to refine what you seek. You can search U.S. listings, worldwide listings and military listings. In the foreign advanced search you can choose the country and usage as well as the text search. In U.S. you can choose the issue and usage with the text search. In military you can choose the country and military use with the text search


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