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1930's Commemoratives
16c Bi-color Airmail Special Delivery 1939 South Gate, Calif. Airmail Special Delivery to the Panama Canal with violet sl Returned for Postage and Postage Due __ cents and ms 9. Notices crossed out and 3c Golden Gate Exposition (2) and 3c World's Fair added and remailed. Reverse Cristobal, Canal Zone receiver.
Los Angeles county.


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Beauregard Br. Alexandria 1940 numeral duplex DPO 3c Panama Canal to Canada.
Rapides county.


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U.S. Marine Corps
3c Panama Canal 1941 First Marine Div., Fleet Marine Force Quantico, Virginia Slogan to Omaha, Neb. Philatelic.


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U.S. Marine Corps
3c Panama Canal and 3c Herbert Famous American Composer 1942 Mar. Det. Portland Bight, Jamaica Br., British West Indies Slogan Airmail to Quantico, Va. Naval censor.


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