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What is Postal History?

There are any number of precise and intimidating definitions of postal history. While these are all technically correct, in many ways they miss the wider aspects of hobby.

In a word, postal history is about mail. All over the world almost everyone receives mail. This mail, where it is from, where it is going, how it is paid, how it got to its destination and tribulations it faced in its journey is postal history. It speaks of the time  and place it was mailed, the way it traveled and the scars it picked up along the way.

Since mail touches almost every person, postal history touches almost every interest. If your interest is in a place, perhaps your home town, the country of your ancestors or your favorite vacation spot, postal history will enhance that interest. If transportation  is a passion, the movement of mail encompassed most modes of transport. Mail was the first mover in the development of some air travel and significant in utilizing rail network. Most every significant event of the last 250 years can be traced in the mail. Since every army provides mail for its soldiers, if the military is important to you, then postal history is intertwined.

Mail is a window to the past and a mirror of the present. Postal history opens that window wide and focuses the mirror. It tells us about ourselves, our ancestors, our nation and our world. The simple journey of a letter can be the start of a personal journey to wonders of the world.


New This Week

British Commonwealth Sale
British Commonwealth Auction
The current sale offers a nice range of British Commonwealth. The sale starts with Great Britain with nice QV usages, a scarce KGV first day and South Atlantic Airmail. There are a couple of scarce Canada cancels. There is a rare Australia Gift Parcel stationery label. Throughout the commonwealth there are markings, usages, airmail and censors. There is something for most collections. Enjoy browsing through the covers. Please click here to view the sale. The sale will close Sunday April 26 at 6:00 PM Pacific Time.

This week bring over 500 new covers to the site. There is a selection of Japan with a range of 20th Century usages. There is Saudi Arabia offering markings and airmail. There is a group of Sweden with many areas represented from Mobile Post Offices to Airmail to post office forms. In U.S. there are Americana Issue covers and Great Americans covers offering a wide range of foreign destinations. The final new additions are worldwide, a range of oversize covers. Many of these are interesting usages note readily available on smaller covers. Please click here to see these. Please click on the country name or category to see the new additions.

Another 700 new covers were on the site last week. There is a small selection of Bhutan with a range of markings and stamp useages. More Germany has been added. The biggest sections are WWI and WWII era. Look for a very wide range of covers from stampless to modern. There is a small selection of Iran with a few interesting covers. In U.S. there is a group of Post 1950 Commemorative covers. These are mostly foreign destinations and a few unusual uses.The final selection is U.S. Government Postal Card uses. There are both forehn destination and modern pictorial cards that are seldom seen properly used. Please click on the country name or category to see the new additions.

Discount CoversA number of the features of this site make it impossible to offer less expensive covers. The scans, descriptions, free shipping and unlimited return privilege mean that most of the covers here are $10 and up. That doesn't mean there aren't lots of interesting covers and postal history that sell for less. I have a new website called Discount Covers. Enjoy browsing though thousands of covers priced at $1.25, $2.50 or $3.75. Over 145,000 covers are available. You'll have a good time. Please visit http://www.discountcoverstore.com.

Several thousand covers are new Monday March 2nd.  

Included this month are covers from, Spain, Portugal, Germany, India, Pakistan, Japan, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Cuba, Lichtenstein, Latvia, Great Britain, Argentina, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Brazil, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Vatican City, Cyprus, Lebanon, Turkey, Romania, Russia, Estonia, Nepal, Haiti, Monaco, Morocco, Dominica, Chile, Iceland, Ireland, Greenland, Mexico, Canada, Finland, Ivory Coast, Trinidad, Togo, Zimbabwe, Congo, New Zealand, Senegal, Ceylon and many, many more. 

Among these are a diverse selection of especially fine quality FDCs and a beautiful selection of MAXimum cards from many different countries, including Australia, Netherlands, The Vatican and Italy, along with a very nice selection of Event covers.

The U.S. covers represent many states and events with a selection of Town Cancels from Alaska to West Virginia, Pennsylvania to California, among others, and many fine quality FDCs. First Flights are well represented, along with Events of every kind.

 Our next upload will be in a few weeks

My newest web site is Stamps Plus. The goal is to offer a wide range of material, both basic stamps and specialty items. Expect to see used and unused, sets and singles as well as unused stationery, first days, revenues, and the gamut of philatelic items not listed in the catalog. We just pruchased a large world collection. This will be listed over the next several months A to Z. Please click here to visit the site.


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Cover Notification Service - Receive an e-mail notification every time a new cover that fits your interests is added to this site. You can set up the notifications yourself or have me set them up for you. If your interests are fairly general, for example a single country, you can set them yourself. If your interests are more specific, like a particular issue, you might find it easier to ask me to set them up. If you choose to set up your interests yourself, I'll review them to make sure they will work the way you intend.  

Worldwide Postal History - Browse here for the country of your interest.  Covers begin in the 18th Century and continue to the modern era. The emphasis is on 20th century up to about 1950 for larger countries and to about 1960 for smaller countries, You will find International Airmail, Town Cancels, Auxiliary  Markings, Stampless,  Registered, Advertising, Censors, Special Delivery and just about anything else you can imagine.

U.S. Postal History - Explore thousands of U.S. covers arranged to be browsed by issue.  The stock is strongest in foreign destinations after 1920, but you'll find a bit of everything including 19th century.

U.S. Postal History By State - Use this section to browse for covers based upon the place where they were used. Explore local postal history in hundreds of covers for each state, a bibliography of literature available for each state, and market analysis.

United States Post Offices - This is a reference that lists the name and dates of operation of every post office in the U.S. The list is the best reference ever published in one place. A far better representation of both Alabama and Georgia are now online. Despite constant additions and corrections, it is still a work in progress. 

Military Postal History  - Browse here for war covers I have a strong stock of military covers of all types, with an emphasis on U.S. World War II material. Look for U.S. A.P.O. covers, U.S. Ship covers, Worldwide Civil Censors, U.S. Naval Shore Stations, Field Posts from most parts of the world and Prisoner of War and Internee mail. . You're welcome to use on-line copy of my book A Price Guide to U.S. A.P.O. Covers of the Second World War.

Airmail Postal History Browse for first flights, catapults, zeppelins, crash covers, trans pacific and all range of international airmail.

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Upcoming Additions



March 23

Saudi Arabia
U.S. Americana Issue
U.S. Great Americans


March 30

U.S. 1940's Commemoratives


Coming Soon
Malaya/Straits Settlements.
Sierra Leona

Great Britain
U.S. Prexies
U.S. Postal Stationery
U.S. A.P.O.'s

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