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Be notified when a cover is available

I have a service available that will send you an email when an example of a post office marking you seek is available for sale. Just follow these simple steps:
1. Log into your account or create a new account.
2. Choose between:
If you would like to create your own Notification Preferences, click here.
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Have Jim Forte Create Your Notifications

Create Your Own Notifications

3. Type the state and the name of the offices you seek.

3. On the page Step 1 select on United States and Possessions

4. Press Continue.
4. On the page Step 2 select the state
5. That's it!
5. Press Continue.
6. On the page Step 2b, if you want to receive notification from all post offices in a county select the county. If you only want certain offices, select No Selection.
7. On the page Step 3, enter the name of the offices in Text/Keyword Search box.
  • If you enter one office, leave the button to Exact Phrase
  • If you enter more than one office change the button to Any Word
  • If you enter more then one office, separate the office with a space, not a comma or any other separator.
  • If you enter an office with a multi word name like New York, enter only one office and leave the button to Exact Phrase.
  • Please do not enter anything other than the name of the post office.
8. Press Save Preference
9. That's It!

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