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Payment Methods

I accept checks or money orders. If the check is from outside the United States, it must be payable through a U.S bank and must include a transit code. This is a number in the form xxxx-xxx/xxxxx.

I accept cash. I prefer U.S. Dollars, I prefer to receive U.S. Dollars. I will also accept Euros, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Japanese Yen, Swiss Francs, Swedish Kronas, Australian Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Danish Krones, Norway Krones and New Zealand Dollars.

 I accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club and American Express.

Bank transfers are not routinely done in the U.S. There is no IBAN in the U.S. Wire transfer is the only mechanism available. My bank's fees to accept a wire transfer from outside the U.S. is $35.00. In addition, since U.S. bank accounts are not secure, you would be required to pay $50.00 per hour for the 2-3 hours necessary to open, open a new account, receive the wire, transfer the money and then close the separate account. Assume that the total charge will be at least $135.00 and possibly more, possibly much more.

I do not accept PayPal.

Cash, Check or Money Order
  • If we haven't done business before, I reserve the right to require prepayment.

  • If I choose to require prepayment, you will receive an email confirming the total due.

  • At my option, I may choose to ship the covers without waiting for prepayment. This is usually offered to customers with whom I have an established business relationship.

  • Your invoice will be clearly marked either Please Pay or Paid.

  • Prepaying the order does not affect your return privilege.

  • I do not accept PayPal.

Credit Card Payment

  • I accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner's Club.

  • I will need to know the address to where the bill to you card is sent. You are welcome to enter a separate shipping address.

  • The charge will be authorized when you submit the order. The charge will not be submitted for payment until the covers are shipped.

  • Charging the order to your credit card does not affect your return privilege.

There is a $10.00 minimum order.

 A $1.50 postage and handling fee will be added to any purchase under $50.00. Fully insured shipping is free on orders of $50.00 or more

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