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There has been little written about Alabama postal history. There is no published list of post offices. I've been able to obtain some unpublished material which gives dates for about 20% of the counties know of these works:

Place Names In Alabama
Virginia Foscue

Organization of the Confederate Post Office Department at Montgomery
by Peter A Brannon

Alabama: A Glimpse At Its Postal History
by J. Scruggs

Alabama Postal History
by J. Scruggs

Historical Atlas of Alabama Volume 1 Historical Locations by Count
y by Remington & Kallson is the best reference currently available on post offices. There is date information on hundred of offices, but it is not comprehensive nor is there a pattern as to what offices have dates.

You can access my online guide of Alabama Post Offices here.


The market for Alabama is growing. It is strongest for pre 1865 material and doanes. In contrast to five years ago, the growth has been tremendous. Alabama is the probably the strongest state without the postal history infrastructure of literature and a society. If that infrastructure comes into place, Alabama may become the strongest southern state. Material is hard to find.

Among the 50 states, the District of Columbia, R.P.O.'s and Streetcars, Alabama rates as the 12th state in terms of percentage of covers sold at 64.97%. It ranks 43rd in terms of the value of covers sold as percentage of all town cancels sold at 0.67%. The overall rank is 39th. This is a ten year running average. The most recent trends are increasing.

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