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Georgia postal history literature lacks a comprehensive post office guide. My online guide now contains the basic post office data. You might want to consider:

The Turbulent Decade, Georgia's Post Offices 1860-1869 by Frank Crown.

Georgia Stampless Cover Catalog and Handbook by Frank Crown.

First Returns Received From Georgia Post Offices 1789-1818 by Frank Crown

1814 Georgia Post Offices As Extracted From The 1816 Register Of Officers and Agents by Frank Crown

Guide to Georgia Public Officials During The Stampless Period by Frank Crown 

Preliminary Census of Georgia Postmasters' Provisionals by Frank Crown

You can access my online guide of Georgia Post Offices here.


Four of the five worst selling states have been consistent for over fifteen years. These include Connecticut, Arkansas, South Carolina and Georgia. At some points Georgia seemed ready to move up. Alas, it would prove not to be. The lack of literature is a significant contributor. New South or not, Georgians don't seem interested in their state's postal history.

Among the 50 states, the District of Columbia, R.P.O.'s and Streetcars, Georgia rates as the 37th state in terms of percentage of cover sold at 49.11%. It ranks 51st in terms of the value of covers sold as percentage of all town cancels sold at 0.44%. The overall rank is 49th. This is a ten year running average. The most recent trends are declining.

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