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Hawaii is both a state and a country. There is almost nothing published about the state. There are several noteworthy books about the country.

Hawaii Its Stamps and Postal History by Meyer and Harris

Additions to Hawaiian Postal History Vols. 1-2 Hawaii's Town Cancels 1850-1900 by Edward Burns

The Pietsch Collection and the Honolulu Advertiser Collection were major auctions that occurred recently. They are worthwhile references.  

About the only reference I can find on The Territory and State of Hawaii is a list of post offices put together by Phil Kay and published in LaPosta.

You can access my online guide of Hawaii Post Offices here.


I did stamp shows for over 20 years until 2001. I have been asked for Hawaii at least 100 times. I always replied, territorial or kingdom? At least 95, maybe even 98 people only wanted to look at kingdom A pre 1900 Hawaii collection requires many tens of thousands of dollars of investment for even a modest showing. Territorial material is interesting, much cheaper and much more available. It should be far more popular than it is.

Among the 50 states, the District of Columbia, R.P.O.'s and Streetcars, Hawaii rates as the 4th state in terms of percentage of cover sold at 72.45%. It ranks 46th in terms of the value of covers sold as percentage of all town cancels sold at 0.62%. The overall rank is 24th. This is a ten year running average. The most recent trends are about the same. These number are less accurate than for most states. They include the sale of a significant collection . If this collection were removed from the statistic, the rating would be much lower.

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