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Oregon philatelic literature is fairly extensive Start with:

Oregon Post Offices by Richard W. Helbock is the best post office listing.

Oregon Postmarks by Charles A. Whittlesey and Richard W. Helbock is a catalog of 19th century postmarks.

A Checklist Of Oregon Post Office 1847-1988 by Richard W. Helbock is a compact post office guide with scarcity ratings.

You can access my online guide of Oregon Post Offices here.


The market for Oregon is rapidly changing. One of the pioneering cover collectors was from Oregon, so there has been interest in his area for more than half a century. A number of good collections have been built and then dispersed. As a result prices are much higher than for material of other states with similar scarcity. These high prices have limited fresh collectors in the area. There are only a few collectors who have chosen to take on specific areas of the states. Eastern Oregon is avidly sought. Most of the western part of the state, especially the Portland area, is less collected. The few collectors left that collect the entire states are now gone, resulting in an overall market decline.

Among the 50 states, the District of Columbia, R.P.O.'s and Streetcars, Oregon rates as the 48th state in terms of percentage of covers sold at 42.01%. It ranks 11th in terms of the value of covers sold as percentage of all town cancels sold at 2.01%. The overall rank is 34th. This is a ten year running average. The most recent trends are decreasing. 

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