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Wisconsin philatelic literature comes mainly from the state postal history society, Consider:

Wisconsin Post Office Handbook by James Hale is the basic post office listing.

Contract and Classified Station and Branches of Wisconsin by Frank Moertl continue post office listing by adding the stations and branches.

Rural Branches of Wisconsin Post Offices by Frank Moertl continues the post office story by documenting rural stations.

You can access my online guide of Wisconsin Post Offices here.


Wisconsin is one of the stronger Midwestern states. Most  collectors focus on particular counties and groups of counties, the overall distribution is fairly good. Most covers have a chance at finding a home. Twentieth century material is more tolerated than other Midwestern states. Still, nineteenth century material is in more demand. The territorial period is in especially high demand.  As the primary source of new collectors comes from people exposed on the internet, Wisconsin is large enough to have fared well. Some increased interest is noted, including 20th Century.

Among the 50 states, the District of Columbia, R.P.O.'s and Streetcars, Wisconsin rates as the 32nd state in terms of percentage of covers sold at 51.15%. It ranks 12th in terms of the value of covers sold as percentage of all town cancels sold at 1.94%. The overall rank is 17th. This is a ten year running average. The most recent trends are decreasing.

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