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Advertising Airmail Auxiliary Markings Diplomatic Foreign Destination
Forwarded Maritime Official Seals Paquebot Postage Due
Patriotic Registered Special Delivery Transpacific Airmail Wrappers

Please click on the image of any stamp to see what I have available in postal history of that value.

1/2c Franklin Prexie   1c Washington Prexie   1 1/2c Matha Washington  2c Adams  3c Jefferson

4c Madison   4 1/2c White House  5c Monroe   6c Garfield   7c Jackson

8c Van Buren   9c Harrison   10c Tyler   11c Polk   12c Taylor

13c Fillmore   14c Pierce   15c Buchanan   16c Lincoln  17c Johnson

18c Grant   19c Hayes   20c Garfield  21c Arthur  22c Cleveland

24c Harrison  25c McKinley  30c Roosevelt  50c Taft  $1.00 Wilson

$2.00 Harding  $5.00 Coolidge  1c Washington Coil  1 1/2c Martha Washington Coil  2c Adams Coil

3c Jefferson Coil  4c Madison Coil  4 1/2c White House Coil  5c Monroe Coil  6c Adams Coil

10c Tyler Coil  1c Washington Vertical Coil  1 1/2c Martha Washington Vertical Coil  2c Adams Vertical Coil  3c Jefferson Vertical Coil

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