Jim Forte Postal History

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Prominent Americans and Prominent American Era

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5c Flag Over White House  1c Jackson  5c Washington  1c Jackson Coil  5c Washington Coil

1c Jefferson  1 1/4c Galatin  2c Wright  3c Parkman  4c Lincoln

5c Washington  5c Redrawn Washington  6c Roosevelt  8c Einstein  10c Jackson

12c Ford  13c Kennedy  15c Holmes  15c Redrawn Holmes  20c Marshall

25c Douglass  30c Dewey  40c Paine  50c Stone  $1.00 O'Neill

$5.00 Moore  1c Jefferson Coil  3c Parkman Coil  4c Lincoln Coil  5c Washington Coil

1c Redrawn Washington Coil  6c Roosevelt Coil  15c Holmes Coil  $1.00 O'Neill Coil  6c Flag and White House

8c Flag and White House  6c Flag and White House Coil  8c Flag and White House Coil  6c Eisenhower  7c Franklin

8c Eisenhower  8c Postal Service  14c Laguardia  18c Pyle  18c Blackwell

21c Giannini  6c Eisenhower Coil  8c Eisenhower Coil  10c Crossed Flags  10c Jefferson Memorial

10c Zip Code  6.3c Bells  10c Crossed Flags Coil  10c Jefferson Memorial Coil

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