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3c Washington Franklin 1918 Minneapolis, Minn. to 151st Field Artillery, 42nd Division A.E.F. with ms A.P.O. Tours wounded 11/12/18 Forwarded to 222 M.P. Co. Illustrated Corner card Home Fires Club of F 151 U.S.F.A. Minneapolis showing illustration of crossed cannons. Bit ragged at right affecting stamp.


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1c Washington-Franklin (3) 1919 Saint Peter, Minn. to 33rd Division, A.P.O. 750 A.E.F. with reverse sl Addressee Returned to U.S.A., purple sl Addressee Transferred to Rockford, Ill., Central Directory Division, N.Y.C., and violet sl Unclaimed - Return to Writer. Ragged at right.


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Colquet 1918 serifed sl 3c Washington Franklin to A.E.F. Valnonee, France Forwarded to A.P.O. 762. Bit rough at right.
Carlton county.


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Saint Paul
Saint Paul 1918 machine with violet American Red Cross Canteen cachet. PPC (Summit Park, Saint Paul).
Ramsey county.


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