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1c Washington-Franklin (3) 1918 St. Louis, Mo. to APO 727 AEF France Forwarded to Base Hospital 27, then returned to sender as undeliverable after multiple delivery attempts.


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3c Washington-Franklin 1919 Saint Louis, Mo. to Base Hospital 1, 354th Infantry, 89th Division A.E.F. Forwarded to Convalescent Camp, APO 780 with violet sl No Record Convalescent Camp. Reverse sl and ms Addressee Returned to U.S.A. with Casuals. Central P.O.


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Soldier's Free Mail 1918 PPC (Vannes - Quartier du 35e d'Artillerie) to St. Louis, Mo. Forwarded to Bismarck. A.E.F. Censor. No origin cancel.


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1c Washington Franklin (5) 1919 St. Louis, Mo. PPC (Eads Bridge, St. Louis, Mo.) 8th Infantry Coblenz, Germany Forwarded to Portland, Oreg. with sl Returned To U.S.A. via reverse Third Army, A.P.O. 927 Type A5001.


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Jackson 1918 duplex War Dept. Local Board Notice of Classification Penalty Postcard.
Cape Girardeau county.


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Kansas City
Kansas City 1, Mo. 1917 Universal Machine Type BT200 Violet sl Buy A Liberty Loan Bond Inquire at Any Bank or Post Office Crease at bottom left.
Jackson county.


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Saint Louis
Saint Louis, Mo. 1 1919 Universal Machine Type DT301 PPC (St. Louis Chapter American Red Cross showing workers dispensing coffee).
Saint Louis City county.


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