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Albuquerque & Los Angeles E.D.
Albuq. & Los Ang. E.D. 1941 964-G-1 6c Bi-color Eagle Air Issue Illustrated Return Envelope Kaiser Blair Inc. Printed necessities, Office Supplies, Advertising Specialties Cincinnati, Ohio Bit reduced at top left. .


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Cuba 1934 4c-bar with violet serifed sl Postage Due…..Cents and pencil 3 Illustrated Return Envelope R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company showing Camel cigarette pack Crease and edge wear.
Sandoval county.


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Deming 1938 machine Illustrated corner card Santa Fe Railroad cross.
Luna county.


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East Las Vegas
East Las Vegas 1900 numeral duplex Type 15 1885-1903 Postal Card Reverse Red Printed Advertising The Burleson-Gale Candy Co.
San Miguel county.


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Golden 1927 4b-bar 1880-1928 Illustrated corner card National Guaranty Syndicate Crease.
Santa Fe county.


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Hachita 1957 4f-bar Printed Return Address Gulf Oil Corporation.
Grant county.


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