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British Guiana

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1c Ploughing a Rice Field, 2c Kaieteur Falls and 3c Gold Mining 1943 Georgetown, British Guiana to New York, N.Y. U.S. Censor.


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2c and 36c KGVI Kaieteur Falls, and 4c Map (2) 1943 G.P.O., British Guiana Airmail to Baltimore, Md. Reverse Barclays Bank, Colonial & Overseas, Demrara. U.S. Censor.


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2c Kaieteur Falls (4), 3c Gold Mining, 6c Indian Shooting Fish and 24c Sugar Cane in Punts 1945 G.P.O. British Guiana Airmail to Greenville, Penn. Corner card The Newtown Bazaar, Demerara. U.S. Censor.


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2c KGVI Kaieteur Falls and 12c Stabroek Market 1950 Airmail British Guiana Air Letter Airmail Registered to Huntington Park, Calif. Small piece torn out on reverse. EUROPEAN SIZE.


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2c Kaieteur Falls and 6c Indian Shooting Fish (2) 1950 Airmail, British Guiana Air Letter Registered to Miami, Fla. EUROPEAN SIZE.


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60c KGVI Shooting Logs Over Falls c1950 Airmail British Guiana Registered to East Norwalk, Conn. Corner card On His Majesty's Service Post Office British Guiana. Tape removed at corners.


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