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U.S. A.E.F. World War I
Soldier's Free Mail 1918 U.S. Army, Postal Service 715 Type A2011 168th Infantry 42nd Division to Marshfield, Wis. Forwarded to Madison. A.E.F. Censor. Black Official Seal added to seal cover. Some edge wear at top. EUROPEAN SIZE.


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Washington Franklins
2c Washington-Franklin 1909 Philadelphia, Pa. Nicetown Sta. to Battle Creek, Mich. Forwarded to Denver, Colo. Reverse ms Opened by Mistake. Resealed with two Official Postal Seals.
Philadelphia county.


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U.S. A.E.F. World War I
Soldier's Free Mail 1919 U.S. Army M.P.E.S. 713 Type A7001.3 to Worcester, Mass. with violet sl Received in bad condition at Worcester, Mass. Black Official Seal added to repair cover. A.E.F. Censor. Very unusual use on an A.E.F. cover.


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1922 Fourth Bureaus
5c Roosevelt Fourth Bureau 1928 Boston, Mass. to Geneva, Switzerland Forwarded to Prague, Czechoslovakia. Resealed with two Czechoslovakia Official Postal Seals. EUROPEAN SIZE.
Suffolk county.


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3c Jefferson Prexie 1942 Oakland, Calif. to Berkeley, Calif. Official Postal Seals affixed at top (2). Toning.
Alameda county.


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1954 Liberty
3c Statue of Liberty 1954 Liberty 1955 Memphis, Tenn. to Union City, Tenn. with purple sl Damaged by Cancelling Machine. Tape repairs. Resealed with Black Official Postal Seal.
Shelby county.


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1954 Liberty
3c Statue of Liberty 1954 Liberty (2) 1955 New York, N.Y. Church Street Sta. to Bronxville, N.Y. with purple sl Received in Bad Condition N.Y. Church St. Station. Officially resealed. Official Postal Seal tied by Church Street Sta. cds. Corner card Bell System, American Telephone & Telegraph Company. LEGAL SIZE.
New York county.


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Airmail Issues
10c Fifty-Star Runway 1970 Peoria, Ill. Airmail to Atlanta, Geo. with purple sl Received Unsealed at Station K, Atlanta, GA 30324. Officially sealed with two Official Postal Seals affixed on the reverse.
Peoria county.


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