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U.S. Fleet Post Office
6c Transport 1943 Chicago, Ill., Old P.O. Annex Concession Airmail to Navy 510 Panama Forwarded to Navy 509 Honduras with ms Not Here - Try Taboga Island, and then Returned to Sender in Pointing Hand with Reason Checked: For better address.


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U.S. A.P.O.'s
6c Transport 1944 U.S. Army Postal Service, A.P.O. 841 David, Panama 3rd Squadron Concession Airmail to Bedford, Ohio with violet sl Postage Due 2 Cents. Army Censor and Base Censor.


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U.S. A.P.O.'s
29c Stylized Eagle 1994 Air Force Postal Service 09821 Izmir, Turkey to Camp No. 3, APO AE 09361-0003 Rodman Naval Station, Panama with ms Not at Camp 3 and Locator Try Camp 2. Purple Returned to Sender in Pointing Hand with Reason Checked: Attempted - Not Known. Reverse cds Directory Service Given APO.


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