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South West Africa
South Africa 2d Government Buildings, Pretoria Overprinted South West Africa c1927 Kolmanskop PPC (Deutsch-Sudwest Afrika - Rothkatze) to Zeitz, Germany. Toning.


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South West Africa
South Africa 3d KGVI 25th Wedding Anniversary Overprinted SWA (4) Registered to Seattle, Wash. Reverse franked. First Day.


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South West Africa
1/- Bush Scene (3) on 4d South Africa Native Huts Registration Envelope Overprinted S.W.A. c1950 Windhoek Airmail Registered to Hanau, Germany. Reverse franked.


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South West Africa
South Africa 1d KGVI, 1d Voortrekkers En Route to Natal (2), 1 1/2d Voortrekker Monument, Pretoria (2), and 3d Voortrekkers Looking Toward Natal, and Open Bible (4), each overprinted S W A, 1954 Windhoek Airmail to Trier, Germany. Tear at bottom. EUROPEAN SIZE.


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