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Spain 50c (8) and 1P King Alfonso XIII Overprinted Correo Aereo and 1P, 4P and 10P King Alfonso XIII 1930 Sevilla, (40) Airmail via Graf Zeppelin Around the World Flight to Lakehurst, N.J. with red Sevilla cachet Primer Viaje Graf Zeppelin a Sudamerika Sevilla 1930 with reverse green New York, N.Y. Graf Zeppelin Europe-Pan America Round Flight receiver. Sieger 58E.


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300R Mercury and 5000R Brasil-Europa Zeppelin semi-private Condor-issued stamp 1930 Graf Zeppelin SouthAmerican Flight Rio de Janeiro to meet Graf Zeppelin at Pernambuco with reverse Recife Correio Aereo Graf Zeppelin transit and Pernambuco receiver. Green and Yellow 'Condor' Airmail in Brazil etiquette. Sieger 59A.


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1F Zeppelin Over Naafkopf, Falknis Range (2) 1931 Vaduz Juni 1931 Zeppelin-Post nach Lausanne Airmail via Graf Zeppelin Lausanne Flight to Braunschweig. Seiger 123. EUROPEAN SIZE.


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4P King Alfonso XIII 1930 Ambio Sevilla, Estafeta Correos Airmail via Graf Zeppelin Around the World Flight to Friedrichshafen, Germany. Sieger 58G.


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1F Airship Hindenburg and 2F Airship Graf Zeppelin 1936 Triesenberg (Liechtenstein) Airmail via Zeppelin Hindenburg Registered to New York, N.Y. Violet sl handstamp Mit Luftschiff Nach Nordamerika and red cachet Deutsche Luftpost Europa-Nordamerika. Sieger 408-A/B. EUROPEAN SIZE.


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