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North Carolina
Locust 1916 4b-bar Bit reduced at right.


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North Carolina
Locust 1994 95c Meter Airmail to South Korea Some wrinkles.


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U.S. First Flight
5c Winged Globe 1931 Albemarle, N.C. Airmail to Mexico City, Mexico with violet Exposicion De Aeronautica Comercio E Industria cachet. Philatelic. MONARCH SIZE.


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Prominent Americans
8c Flag Over White House Coil 1973 New London, NC 28127 to Turku, Finland with Returned for Additional Postage __ Cents Air Mail __ Cents-F.C. Mail, and ms 7. Additional 8c Flag Over White House Coil added, notice crossed out, and remailed. Corner card New London Elementary School. 1c Overpaid. LEGAL SIZE.


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Great Americans
40c Gilbreth Great Americans 1987 Richfield, NC 28137 Airmail to Turku, Finland with purple sl Returned for [4c] Additional Postage. When remailing, cross out this notice or paste stamps over it. 4c Schurz Great Americans added, stamp pasted over notice and notice crossed out, and remailed.


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